January 24th, 2013


where to find me for the rest of 2013

With Arisia having come and gone, here's my current planned public appearances for 2013. Please note that this is tentative, and gets more so the farther away from the present you get, and more may also be added to this list....

15-17 February: Farpoint 2013, Timonium, Maryland. I will be at Farpoint not only as an author guest, but also as a musical guest, as Boogie Knights are shooting to debut our new CD at Farpoint!

22-24 February: MystiCon 2013, Roanoke, Virginia. My debut at MystiCon, I'll be there as an author guest. I'm also doing an event at a Roanoke library on Thursday the 21st, with details to come...

1-3 March: Bacon-Palooza II: The Return of the Meat, New York, New York. This second bacon-themed weekend-long charity event to benefit autistic schools in New York City will once again be held at the SoHo Gallery for Digital Art. Wrenn and I will once again be in charge of the merchandise table, where you can purchase various bacon-related items.

15-17 March: Lunacon 56, Rye Brook, New York. As ever, I'll be an author guest at Lunacon.

7 April: RocCon Hudson Valley, Poughkeepsie, New York. I'll be a guest at this one-day convention, selling and autographing books, and possibly doing a Q&A.

24-27 May: Balticon 47, Hunt Valley, Maryland. I will be at Balticon, as both an author and a podcaster. We will probably be launching Tales from Dragon Precinct (among other books) at the now-traditional Dark Quest Balticon Launch Party.

20-23 June: PortConMaine 2013, South Portland, Maine. I will be a guest of honor at this nifty little convention up in Maine, where I haven't visited since college. Really looking forward to this one.

26-28 July: OSFest 6, Omaha, Nebraska. I will also be an author guest of honor at this Omaha-based con.

2-4 August: Shore Leave 35, Hunt Valley, Maryland. I'll be both a musical and authorial guest at my favorite convention, playing with the Boogie Knights and promoting my writing.

30 August - 2 September: Dragon*Con 2013, Atlanta, Georgia. I plan to be back at D*C this year as an author guest.

10-13 October: New York Comic-Con 2013, New York, New York. We will likely again do a podcast table at NYCC, as that worked out rather nicely for us....

31 October - 3 November: World Fantasy Convention, Brighton, United Kingdom. This is as tentative as tentative gets, but we very much want to attend WFC, mostly because we want to go to Brighton. *grin*

Because I've got some comic book work in the hopper, it's possible that I'll be attending other comics shows, too, finances and other things permitting. For example, I'd very much like to go to Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina in June, and I might be back at DexCon 16 in Morristown, New Jersey in July, but there are a lot of factors in play there. Oh, and I plan to be speaking at the Garden State Horror Writers meeting in the summer.

More bulletins as they bullet.....
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