January 29th, 2013

ds9 rewatch

coming soon: the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch

Lots of people have been asking me if, once I'm done with the Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch on Tor.com, I'll be tackling Deep Space Nine next. My stock answer has been, "let me get through TNG first...."

Well, with the flipping of the calendar to 2013, I'm now into the seventh and final season of TNG, and I'm pretty close to getting through it -- and yes, I do plan to tackle DS9 next. It's my favorite of the five Trek TV shows, and an excuse to rewatch it -- better still, getting paid to rewatch it -- is one I'm hardly about to pass up.

I'll probably take a short break after "All Good Things..." (which I should hit in early April or so), and Tor.com will likely do something with the four TNG movies before I dive in with "Emissary."

So yeah -- more rewatching!
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TNG Rewatch

Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: "Force of Nature"

It's the one with the warp speed limit and the sledgehammery ozone layer analogy. On the bright side, there's fun stuff with Data's now-suddenly-female cat. The TNG Rewatch is a "Force of Nature."

An excerpt:
La Forge has borrowed Spot, Data’s cat, to see if he wants a cat of his own. It proves something of a disaster, as Spot breaks a vase, ruins a chair by using it as a scratching post, and coughs hairballs all over the carpet. Data points out, rightly, that this is normal cat behavior. La Forge feels that Data should consider trying to train the cat, which proves he’s never had one....
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