February 2nd, 2013


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Alex Rodriguez has been accused of being injected with Human Growth Hormone. Right now it's an accusation by one person in a report that is already suspect (part of the report involves A-Rod yelling at the guy when he couldn't find a vein, but you don't inject HGH into the bloodstream), from a Miami newspaper that I have to admit that I'd never heard of a week ago. Of course, the knives are out and everyone's pretty much totally condemned A-Rod solely because he's A-Rod, never mind that there's a shit-ton more investigating to be done. The mighty Emma Span has a particularly good piece on the subject for Sports on Earth, one of the few that isn't fulminating nonsense, and my buddy Rebecca Glass has a particularly cogent piece on how she could give a rat's ass about PEDs when so many athletes are involved in domestic violence scandals, which she rightly thinks is more important.

Another buddy of mine, Tina Hall, is one of the people responsible for The Original Van Gogh's Ear Anthology, a wonderful online collection of poetry.

Meat cleaver charms! Nothing else to say, I just think that meat cleaver charms are totally awesome.....

A nice review of Leverage: The Con Job by Matt Forbeck in Wired's "Geek Dad" section. The reviewer, Curtis Silver, also was kind enough to put up mentions (and Amazon links) to the two forthcoming Leverage novels, my own The Zoo Job and Greg Cox's The Bestseller Job.

Object lesson in why critical thinking is important: This article -- about Ann Coulter refusing to remain on a plane that has a black female pilot on the notion that she must have gotten the job through Affirmative Action and therefore would get them all killed -- is satire. It's not clearly labelled as such, and, honestly, we all believe that Coulter would be this spectacularly stupid, but you'd think the TSA spokesperson named Dirk Diggler would tip people off to the article being a spoof.......

Finally, the best coming-out ever, as a teenage girl bakes a cake to tell her parents that she's gay, accompanying the "I'm Gay!" cake with a pun-filled note. This is, IMO, the best thing ever.
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best cake ever AND best lyrics ever

Pink Bunny Industries Cake Decorating has created a number of magnificent cakes, but my personal favorite is their Firefly/Serenity cake, complete with accompanying big damn cupcakes:

That's not even the best part, though that part is pretty damned awesome. When the cake was posted to the "nerdbastards" group on Facebook, they also included cake-themed lyrics to the Firefly theme song:
Take my knife, take my spork
Take me where I use no fork
I don't care, my hands are free
You can't take this cake from me.

Take me out I want a snack
Tell'em that cake ain't comin' back
Burn the toast and boil the tea
You can't take this cake from me.

Leave the crumbs where they lay
They'll never see another day
Lost my soul, this fillings cream
You can't take this cake from me.

I feel the cake reaching out
I hear it's song without a doubt
I still hear and I still see
That you can't take this cake from me.

Lost my knife, lost my spork
Lost the last place I'll use my fork
There's no place I can be
Since I've found Serenity

And you can't take this cake from me.

Now you know what you must eat while reading my novelization of Serenity.......... *tee hee*
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