February 9th, 2013



Got another 1500 words written, bringing "God of Blunder" to 7500 words. This was supposed to be a short little silly vignette to end the anthology, but nooooooooooooooooo......

Stupid characters.

An excerpt:
Loki had gone from disapproving to mischievous. "I wonder how Special Agent Demitrijian would feel about your having a tryst with my cousin?"

"First of all, it would hardly be my first 'tryst' since I got here."

"Really?" Larry looked a little revolted.

I glared at him. "Guys who stick their dicks in water elementals and get cursed by them to die when they go to sleep should not throw stones."

Larry angrily grabbed his coffee, muttering, "You don't have to get personal about it, sheesh."

I turned my angry gaze back to Loki. "Secondly, I didn't have a tryst. The minute he took his shirt off, I was out of there. Had to take a cab home in the rain."
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anatomy of a snowy Saturday

Woke up this morning at around 8.30. The sun was shining very brightly thanks to the 15" or so of snow on the ground that we got in da Bronx. After making some coffee -- we bought some Hawai'ian Kona a while back, and I treated myself to a pot of it this morning -- I hied myself to the dojo. Normally when I help out on Saturdays, I don't get there until 9.15 or 9.20 or so -- the first class is at 9.30 -- but I wanted to be there early just in case Shihan wanted help shoveling.

Which he did. Between the two of us, we cleared the sidewalk, as well as a path to the street, and also spread salt around. Then class started. We had the four-and-five-year-old color belts from 9.30-10.15, the four-and-five-year-old white belts from 10.15-11, the older kids white belts from 11-12, and the kid color belts from 12-1. Then I took the 1pm class along with three other black belts and an advanced green belt (the latter is going for promotion to brown belt tomorrow). The class was particularly good, and I got a great workout.

Then I came home, ate leftover pizza, napped for several hours, and then had to dig the car out. We're not actually going anywhere until tomorrow, but we wanted the car clear to get out when we go see Arlo Guthrie in Princeton tomorrow afternoon.

Now our dinner has just arrived thanks to noble delivery people, since none of us particularly wants to cook. We'll see if I have the energy to finish "God of Blunder" after that...
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