February 12th, 2013



I have read over "God of Blunder," fixed a whole mess of first-draft infelicities (seriously, why do I keep repeating words like that????), and have sent it off to girasole and wrenn for their editorial meat axes. (It's so fucking handy to have a Mom and girlfriend who are also professional editors.)

A last excerpt:
Ihor was cleaning off a table when he saw me, and looked incredibly relieved. "Oh, Cass, thank Christ you're here. You think you can get those two outta here?"

He jerked his thumb toward the bar, where Thor and Loki were both talking and laughing. The former had very few consonants and the latter was even more braying. They were the only people left in the bar besides Ihor, me, and the band.

I regarded Ihor. "How drunk are they?"

Ihor just shot me a look of disgust and I held up both hands.

I walked over to the bar, and I heard Thor slur, "Then i's settled! We sh'll sojourn to Hollywood an' find these varlets Hemston and Hiddlesworth an' smite them!"

Loki swung his arm down as if to pound on the bar, but he missed. Undaunted, he cried out, "Yes! We are in agreement, then!"

I put a hand on each of their shoulders. "Okay, Jay, Silent Bob, it's time to leave."
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