February 20th, 2013


midweek music: highlights from Boogie Knights Farpoint concert, part 1

At Farpoint 2013, the Boogie Knights -- the band for which I am percussionist -- did our usual Saturday-at-11am concert, though this was a special one, as it was also the debut of our new CD, Wasted Days and Wasted Knights. The mighty wrenn recorded many of the songs we did at the show, and here's a few.

"Screw the Limit," a song inspired by a Far Side cartoon:

"Oh, What a Knight!" a chivalric parody of "December, 1963" with me doing falsetto:

And "Victor," a Frankenstein-related parody of "Soldier Boy" that owes more to Boris Karloff than Mary Shelley, but still.....

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Tuesday's dead (which is why it's Wednesday)

Monday was recover-from-con day, which was mostly spent with wrenn running various errands, including food shopping that we didn't do over the weekend thanks to being away and getting the front tires replaced on the car. The latter was especially important. Wrenn noticed when we stopped in Delaware on the way down to Farpoint that the front tires were getting a little bald, and by Monday morning (with the added wear and tear of driving the rest of the way to Maryland and driving back, with a detour to Hofstra to drop off our friend Meg, to whom we gave a lift) you could actually see the steel belt poking through what was left of the rubber.

So off to our mechanic we went, hanging out at the diner across the street until it was ready, then did some shopping in Little Italy for various and sundry stuffs -- which also included some pleasant sitting around in a café and drinking cappuccino because, well, why not?

I've also been reading over Ragnarok and Roll one final time before Plus One rams it into production for a spring release, as well as releasing the three "Cayo Hueso" stories as eBooks -- more on that in another post -- plus I had the TNG Rewatch to do yesterday, and I also uploaded the Boogie Knights videos Wrenn made to the Tube of You.

One of the good things that also happened is that the signing payment for The Project That Cannot Be Named (Yet) arrived. This is very good news, as it's a biggish check, and enabled us to be 100% caught up on bills for the first time in a long time. Wrenn makes decent money at her contract job, but we were in such a hole during 2010-2011 that we've been treading water on a lot of bills for the past year, paying off enough to keep the wolves away, but never zeroing anything out. Until this morning, anyhow, when I got to pay off ConEd and Optimum and put money on the E-Z Pass for this weekend.

And I'm also training a lot at the dojo, including last night's triumphant return to fighting class. I'd been to all of one fighting class in the past six months or so, and I was a bit worried that my technique was gonna suck and/or that my stamina was going to conk out around the seventh round or so.

Turns out I'm in better shape than I thought I was -- my stamina was fine, my technique was better than I thought it was (I suspect that all the teaching of the kids' fighting classes that I've been doing the past nine months or so has been a huge help in the latter regard), and best of all I wasn't doing the old-man walk around the apartment when I got home. I held my own in two fights with Shihan (whose fighting tournament trophies decorate the dojo) and in about four or five fights with a fellow first-degree who's Army Special Forces. So yeah.

Today is lunch with my friend Christine, getting a haircut, and running some errands before heading down to MystiCon tomorrow morning. Oh, and I'm also teaching a karate class tonight. (We're heading down a day early so I can participate in the "Break the Silence" event at the Roanoke City Main Library Thursday night.) For my full MystiCon schedule, click here.
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wee krad, South Park Keith, South Park Keith #2

congrats to the Nebula nominees

It occurs to me that I did nothing to try to get folks to recommend my short fiction for Nebula consideration, which was dumb, considering that "Ragnarok and Roll" came out during the eligibility period. Me am dumb. Oh, well.

Anyhow, the Nebula nominees have been announced, and it's a good slate of stuff. Congrats to all the nominees, but I want to single out friends of mine whom I'm especially proud to know today: Saladin Ahmed (for his debut novel Throne of the Crescent Moon), Mary Robinette Kowal (Glamour in Glass), Nancy Kress ("After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall"), Jay Lake ("The Stars Do Not Lie"), Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen ("Barry's Tale"), and Sarah Beth Durst (Vessel). I'm especially glad to see Sarah on the list again, since I remember when Sarah was an aspiring writer in 1998 who came to a signing I was doing and proceeded to ask excellent questions about writing and breaking in and stuff. To see her becoming a recurring presence on the Norton Award nominee lists is incredibly heartening, and I'm so happy for her I could plotz. :)

Yay everybody!
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unicorn precinct

reviews of the Precinct books

Star of the Bibliophilic Book Blog has reviewed the three "Precinct" novels: Dragon Precinct, Unicorn Precinct, and Goblin Precinct.

Money quote:
I love the quirky characters and the mix of mystery and fantasy. Cliff’s End is a hodgepodge of different races: elves, dwarves, hobgoblins, gnomes, humans, and half-breeds. The main characters are very memorable and I really liked the “locked-door” mystery they had to solve. I’m glad I picked this one to read and I’m looking forward to reading the next two books in the series!
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