March 3rd, 2013

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Dead Kitchen Radio episode 29: Leverage: The Zoo Job

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an interview from cypherindigo

My good friend Mary (a.k.a. cypherindigo) did an LJ meme where someone asks her five questions, and then if you comment, she asks five questions.

Here's what she asked:

1. If you hadn't become a writer, what would you be doing now?

Hard to say. I mean, if I hadn't succeeded in a writing career, then I'd probably still be in editorial. That's what I did from the day I graduated college in 1990 until 1998 when I went freelance, working for Library Journal, Neal-Schuman, and Byron Preiss. My guess is that I'd still be editing for someone...

That's assuming the question means if I hadn't become a pro writer, because honestly, I've been writing since I was 6. Me not being a writer would be such a fundamental shift in who I am that I can't imagine who that person would be....

2. If time and money were no object, where would you like to visit?


3. What is/was your favorite show to write for which you wrote a book? Character?

My favorite show to write for probably has to be Farscape, just because of all the great opportunities I had with that franchise over the years. Favorite character is easily Rygel. Honestly, combining the questions, some of the most fun I've ever had writing tie-in fiction was Farscape #17, which was a Scorpius-Rygel team-up story.

Star Trek is a close second given that I've been a Trek fan since birth, and given how much I've gotten to do in that universe as well....

4. What do you read, when you don't want to think too hard, or start something new. An Old Friend read.

Mysteries and baseball books. I'm particularly fond of the works of Carl Hiaasen and George Pelecanos.

5. How did we end up on each other's friends lists? I can't imagine not having you around, but how did you get here?

Not sure. Goodness knows we have a ton of mutual friends, and I'm not sure which one led me to you, though my money would be on either popfiend or hughcasey.....
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