March 5th, 2013


updated stalker's guide

Here's an update to where and when I'll be appearing in public over the rest of 2013. These are the definite ones -- it's possible that others will be added.....

15-17 March: Lunacon 56. I will be, as ever, an author guest at this Rye Brook, New York literary SF convention. (Seriously, been going to this one for over two decades....)

7 April: RocCon Hudson Valley. I'm one of the honored guests at this one-day Poughkeepsie, New York SF/comics show. (This is why I won't be at RavenCon, BTW....)

19-21 April: TrekTrax Atlanta. I'm one of the special guests of this spiffy new Trek convention down Georgia way.

3 May: Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction. I'll be doing a live interview on this long-running radio show hosted by Dr. Howard Margolin to talk about SCPD: The Case of the Claw and my various other work.

24-27 May: Balticon 47. I'll be an author/podcaster guest at this Hunt Valley, Maryland con, at which we will be launching Tales from Dragon Precinct at the Dark Quest Launch Party.

20-23 June: PortConMaine. I'm a guest of honor at this Portland, Maine show, my first time back in Maine since college. Really looking forward to it.

26-28 July: OSFest 6. I'll be one of the author guests of honor at this Omaha, Nebraska SF con.

2-4 August: Shore Leave 35. As ever, I'll be an author guest at this Hunt Valley, Maryland media con, as well as a musical guest, as Boogie Knights will be performing.

30 August - 2 September: Dragon*Con 2013. I will be returning to D*C this year as an author guest, no doubt on multiple tracks as usual.

10-13 October: New York Comic Con. The Chronic Rift Network will again be doing several tables in Podcast Alley at NYCC this year.

Other possibilities: Heroes Con in Charlotte in June, Dexcon 16 in Morristown in July, World Fantasy in Brighton in October, Philcon in Cherry Hill in November.
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happy book birthday to Leverage: The Zoo Job

Today is the official release date for my Leverage novel The Zoo Job! So hie yourself to your local bookstore and pick it up! Or you can order it from the comfort of your own computer, tablet, or smartphone via any of these online merchants:

Indie Bound | Barnes & Noble | Amazon (Kindle) | Amazon (paperback) | Kobo

There's already a five-star review up on Amazon, from one E. Simmons:
The novel is another great example of the cons going back from screen to page. Many of the familiar guest stars on the show appear (I won't list them all as don't want to ruin it but will tell you DON'T read the Acknowledgements at the beginning as that will spoil it for you). The description gives you Sterling so I can mention him... right in character. You can FEEL the tension in the air when Sterling arrives and throws the proverbial wrench into the works. All our characters get to shine in their areas of expertise, Nate solving the puzzles and plans and getting too wrapped up personally, Hardison hacking a little and ranting/whining, Parker breaking and entering as well as stealing (and gaining a new friend! LOL), Sophie grifting a few times as a few characters and Eliot kicking butts and schmoozing the ladies. There are MANY mentions of events from the first 4 seasons (as this is placed during season 4) but also some hints of season 5 (kind of like foreshadowing so you can tell he did his research on the events AFTER the placement of the story.) The fact that the author is a true fan of the show comes through in his treatment and presentation of the characters. They are true to the show and their reactions are genuine as fans would expect them to be. All around I enjoyed this novel immensely!
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