March 10th, 2013

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every writer (aspiring writers, especially) should read this

A brilliant, and profanity-laced, rant from the mighty John Scalzi on the subject of writing, publishing, not giving advances, and the power to negotiate. If you fancy yourself a writer at any level, read this. Now. Seriously.

Money quote:
But, these publishers and their defenders may say (and have said), the publisher takes all the risk in producing a book! Yeah? Hey, to publishers and their defenders who say that: Fuck you. Fuck you for asserting that the author has shouldered no risk, when she’s invested the time, opportunity cost and material outlay required to create a manuscript. Fuck you for asserting the the author sees no risk to her own career from the choices that the publisher imposes on the publishing process that the author has no control of: everything from cover art (which, if horrible and/or out of step with the market, can sink a book) to the size and distribution of the initial print run, to the marketing plan the publisher has for retail.

Fuck you for lightly passing over the risk that the author has if the book fails — that any additional books in the contract might be cancelled or put out with the bare minimum of contractual obligation, that the author might not be able to sell another book to the publisher or other publishers because of a track record of poor sales — and for lightly passing over the fact the a publisher mitigates its own risk of the failure of a single book by having an entire portfolio of releases. If one single book fails but the publisher’s line holds up generally, then the risk the publisher encounters to its livelihood is minimal. The risk to the author, on the other hand, is substantially greater. Yes, to all of that, “fuck you,” is probably the politest thing to say in response.
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last chance to nominate my work for a Hugo

Today is the last day to nominate material for a Hugo Award, so if you're eligible to do so, you should go to this link and do so. The more people involved in the voting process, the better the awards are.

And hey, you could possibly nominate two of my works: "The Ballad of Big Charlie" in V-Wars is eligible for Best Novella and "I Believe I'm Sinkin' Down" is eligible for Best Novelette. I'm happy to provide copies of the stories to any Hugo voter who wants to read 'em. Just e-mail me at krad at whysper dot net.
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my Sunday feeling

Yesterday was a very productive and useful and exhausting day. I woke up at 8 to go running with my fellow karateka who are going for black-belt promotion, then I helped Shihan with three of the kids classes, then I took the 1pm class, then I got my new phone activated (an HTC droid, replacing the MyTouch that was a nice phone, but which also had a bit too lengthy an interval between when I touched an icon and when the phone deigned to actually perform the action to be performed by the touching of said icon), then we went to a magnificent wine tasting with friends.

Didn't get home until 1.30am, and then I had to be up at 7.15am (with an hour lost to fucking Daylight Savings Time) for a make-up promotion at the dojo. When I promised to help with this promotion, I had totally forgotten about DST, but a) I promised Shihan I'd be there and b) I'd also promised the mother of one of the kids doing the promotion that I'd be there. This kid has overcome a lot of physical problems (he has a genetic muscle disorder) to become a karateka, and he was going for his green belt today. I wanted to be there to support him.

Then I came home and slept from 10am-2pm. Yeah.

I've gotten some stuff done today -- cover copy for both Tales from Dragon Precinct and Ragnarok and Roll -- and now I have to finish an edit. Busy busy busy....
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