March 25th, 2013

NYY, melky

why I can't watch spring training games on the Pinstriped Bible

My first piece for the Pinstriped Bible is now up. I discuss why I can't watch spring training games, with bits of lamentation regarding the Vernon Wells trade.

An excerpt:
But watching Spring Training games is a lot like watching the All-Star Game. You start out with the players you came there to see, but it's not too long before the roster filler that nobody gives a damn about is playing out the string, and the last three innings are spent trying desperately to figure out who the hell is on the field. ("That's who the Royals sent???" in the All-Star Game, as opposed to, "Who's #94 again?" in the Grapefruit League.) This would be the same All-Star Game that has become increasingly irrelevant despite MLB's attempts to "legitimize" it by making it "count."
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