April 1st, 2013

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Liar Liar audio on sale today!

Yes, it's the 1st of April. Yes, it's April Fool's Day. Yes, much of what you read online today won't be true.


Liar Liar, an anthology of stories by members of the Liars Club, is out on audio from Blackstone today.

If you've already bought the trade edition, you should still get the audio, mainly because there are three stories in the audio that are not in the trade edition, so you get new stuff!

Here's the full table of contents:
    “Mad Science: A Joe Ledger Adventure” by Jonathan Maberry *
    “The Gateway” by Solomon Jones
    “Shuffle” by Kelly Simmons
    “She Looks Just like Her Mother” by Edward Pettit
    “Choosing Teams” by Don Lafferty
    “What I Did” by Marie Lamba
    “Bliss” by Merry Jones
    “Under the King’s Bridge” by Keith R. A. DeCandido
    “Doe Run Road” by Dennis Tafoya
    “What Lies Between” by Keith Strunk
    “For Love” by William Lashner
    “The Return Trip” by Jonathan McGoran
    “So Coldly Sweet, So Deadly Fair” by Gregory Frost
    “The Truth-Telling” by Stephen Susco *
    “Two Guns in Liar’s Canyon” by Chuck Wendig *

* indicates a story that is only in the audio, not the trade edition.

The stories are read by Ray Porter, Mirron Willis, Paul Michael Garcia, Pam Ward, R.C. Bray, Caroline Shaffer, Erin Bennett, Johnny Heller, Donald Corren, Robert Fass, Malcolm Hillgartner, Chris Patton, Simon Vance, and John McLain.

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