April 3rd, 2013

dead kitchen radio

Dead Kitchen Radio episode 30: Tales from Dragon Precinct Part 3

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TNG Rewatch

Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: "All Good Things..."

After seven seasons on the air, after two years or so of rewatches, we finally reach the grand finale. The TNG Rewatch does "All Good Things..."

An excerpt:
Moore and Braga are aware not only of what makes TNG work, but also what’s wrong with it, and they don’t miss an opportunity to make fun of some of the show’s excesses. Most of those come from Q, particularly when he snarks off Picard for how much time he wasted the past seven years on mundane concerns like Riker’s career, Troi’s psychobabble, and Data’s endless quest to be more human, but others get their shots. After Data lets loose with a stream of technobabble, Crusher speaks for an entire viewership when she exasperatedly says, “English, Data,” and future-La Forge’s greeting to Picard is epic: “Captain, we’ve got a problem with the warp core or the phase inducers or some other damn thing.”

We'll be back Friday with the seventh-season overview, and then take a break to do the TNG movies for a couple weeks before we kick in with Deep Space Nine.
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