April 5th, 2013

NYY, melky

the morning after the Yankees' first win -- notes from Section 421 on the Pinstriped Bible

Breaking my pattern of an article every Monday, I wrote up some notes on the Yankees' first win of the season, which Wrenn and I attended last night, which you can read on the Pinstriped Bible.

An excerpt:
Speaking of [Brett] Gardner, it was weird enough that he homered, which is, shall we say, not a usual part of his game. But right after that, Robinson Cano walked—on four pitches. Then Kevin Youkilis, who has been famous for his batting eye since he was a minor-leaguer (they included him in the freakin' Moneyball movie with the "Greek God of Walks" line), strikes out on four pitches. Then in the next half-inning, Eduardo "Butterfingers" Nunez made a great defensive play to spear a line drive. WHAT KIND OF STRANGE ALTERNATE UNIVERSE HAVE I TRAVELLED TO?
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