April 8th, 2013

NYY, melky

not missing Nick Swisher as much as I might on the Pinstriped Bible

My usual Monday piece for the Pinstriped Bible, as Nick Swisher plays against his old team on the Indians this afternoon, and I discuss why it's probably okay that he's not a Yankee for the next four years.

An excerpt:
Look, I adore Nick Swisher. There are few things on this earth more compelling than watching someone who absolutely loves what he does for a living and takes such joy in his life. I love watching Swisher for the same reason that I enjoyed watching Luis Sojo—he's just having fun, and it's infectious. (As an added bonus, Swisher is an actual useful everyday baseball player, as opposed to Sojo, who always felt like he walked in from a neighborhood softball game by mistake, and often hit like he was in one.)

But there are several reasons why it's probably for the best that the Yankees did not sign Swisher to a long-term deal.
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