April 18th, 2013

prague, tainted love

I say it's my birthday....

Today, at 3.28pm, I am officially 44 years old. Of course, I'm not limiting the celebrating to today. In fact, today's probably going to be fairly light.

This past weekend, I went to a party with friends, and a birthday cake for me (and Wrenn, whose birthday is two weeks from today), and we also saw a couple of other dear friends (and their kids).

Tuesday night, Wrenn, Dale, the forebearance, my aunt, and I all went to Serendipity 3 for a birthday dinner that couldn't be beat. (We had it Tuesday to accommodate two of the four parents.)

This weekend, I'll be in TrekTrax Atlanta, and I plan to do a great deal of festivizing there, as well.

Tonight's plans have been changed due to Wrenn being sick. :( We were going to go to Sauce, another favorite restaurant of mine, but she's not up to the schlep downtown. If she's up to it, we'll have dinner at one of the local restaurants.

I must confess to being overwhelmed by all the well wishes I'm getting via text, e-mail, instant message, Facebook, and Twitter. I am very lucky and very happy.

Most of my birthday will be spent working on The Project That Cannot Be Named (Yet), which is consuming my life.....
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little krad

other birthdays and stuff today

Besides my 44th birthday, today is:
    ---the 238th anniversary of Paul Revere's ride
    ---the 107th anniversary of the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906
    ---the 90th anniversary of the opening of Yankee Stadium (my paternal grandfather was in attendance that day)
    ---the 75th anniversary of the publication of Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman
    ---the 67th anniversary of the inaugural meeting of the International Court of Justice in the Hague
    ---the birthday of Lucrezia Borgia, Thomas Middleton, Clarence Darrow, Carl Burgos, Hayley Mills, James Woods, Eric Roberts, Susan Faludi, Jane Leeves, Jeff Dunham, Eric McCormack, Conan O'Brien, Camille Coduri, David Hewlett, Maria Bello, Princess Sayako of Japan, David Tennant, Rico Brogna, Miguel Cabrera, and lots of other cool folks

It's also Invention Day in Japan, which is kinda cool.

(More stuff on Wikipedia....)
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some trailers....

A bunch of upcoming movies have released new trailers, and they have all raised the awesome quotient for each.

First, we have Star Trek Into Darkness, which has an interesting tidbit not seen in other trailers, to wit, a big-ass ship, plus the usual Cumberbatch-is-awesome stuff:

Next up, Man of Steel. The first trailer for this film left me with an overwhelming sense of "meh," and asking the question, "Why are we retelling this story fucking again?" This trailer, though, has me incredibly excited. This trailer shows me a movie I want to see.

Then we have the new trailer for The Lone Ranger. It reveals a bit more plot, but still mostly spectacle. Looks to be fun spectacle, though.....

And finally a movie I somehow hadn't heard of before: R.I.P.D., in which Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges play dead cops who police the afterlife. Sorta. It's kind of Men in Black-ish, only with dead souls instead of aliens, and it looks like tons of fun, with Reynolds as the straight man and Bridges basically playing Rooster Cogburn again.

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