April 19th, 2013

farscape posse

Fans: The New Hollywood Moguls debuts with me! (also Ben Browder & Avenue Potter)

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TNG Rewatch

Star Trek: the Next Generation Movie Rewatch: Nemesis

The TNG movies end with several bangs and a big whimper. Chris Lough deconstructs the disappointment that was Nemesis.

An excerpt:
Nemesis gives us no theme at all. No message beyond “a duplicate of yourself can be a real asshole.” Or possibly, “A great crew is like family. So it sucks when your asshole duplicate starts raping and killing them.” Nemesis is an okay action flick, but unlike other action flicks it has a responsibility to the history and the unique message of Star Trek. Especially when you consider that the filmmakers and cast knew going in that this was going to be the final Next Gen film. There is nothing in Nemesis about humanity bettering itself and helping others in need. Nothing about exploring boundless new frontiers. There are no hard choices here, and no mistakes to atone for. There’s just a crazy guy tearing things apart for no reason. Also, Shinzon.

For the other movies, check Emily Asher-Perrin on Generations, me on First Contact, and Ryan Britt on Insurrection.
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