April 21st, 2013

dragon precinct

Tales from Dragon Precinct trade available for preorder from Amazon and Dark Quest!

You can now preorder the trade paperback of my upcoming short-story collection Tales from Dragon Precinct -- featuring ten stories of the Cliff's End Castle Guard, both reprints and brand-new stuff -- from both Amazon and Dark Quest Books.

It should be preorderable from Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, and Kobo soon.....
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fo' shizzle, rifftrax

my Sunday feeling

Back home safe from a delightful TrekTrax. I believe that every convention should have me, Emmett Plant, and Lawrence Schoen as a guest. *nods* I had a wonderful time, met lots of cool folks, sold many books, heard wonderful things, got to see good friends, saw two excellent bands (Go, Robo! Go! and the superb Il Troubadore, the latter playing a mandolin, cello, percussion, and clarinet while dressed as Klingon), and generally had a wonderful time. Nobody ever went wrong bringing Manu "Icheb" Intiraymi to a con (he's an absolute pip, and wears a porkpie hat well!), and it was good to see Ken Feinberg again. Sadly, James Cawley couldn't make it -- he got into a car accident en route to the airport and while he's fine, his car isn't -- but I did get to meet some of the other fine folks who do fan films.

A high point of the con was meeting Emmett Plant (we've been at the same con in the past, notably Shore Leave and Dragon*Con, but our paths never crossed until this weekend) and Moxie Magnus (the Star Trek drag queen), and both are magnificent people.

I also did a talk on Sunday, which consisted of me reading "Love Over and Over," a Cassie Zukav story from the upcoming Ragnarok and Roll, which prompted sales of my final two copies of Tales from the House Band Volume 2, which has another Cassie story in it. So yay.

I took several pictures, which you can see on the Book of Face, and I've posted a bunch on Twitter as well. Check 'em out!
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