April 24th, 2013

little krad

me as a high school student performing Bill Cosby's "Noah" routine

One of my high school classmates, Tony Buckland, was digging through some old video from our school days. He was looking for stuff the band did (he was in the band, you see), but he also found this little gem. We had a talent show at some point, and I entered by performing Bill Cosby's famous "Noah" routine.

I have to admit, I totally forgot that I did this, and my jaw just dropped when Tony posted it on Facebook. Watching it now, I'm just boggled -- and amused. I also forgot that my Bronx accent was that much thicker when I was a kid. *wry grin*

Anyhow, because I have nothing like shame (or pride), I hereby present this to all y'all:

(As a point of reference, here's Cosby's original: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.)
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