April 26th, 2013


Friday fanfare: "Brain Damage"

No, not the Pink Floyd song. Or, rather, yes, the Pink Floyd song, but not Floyd's version of the song. Instead it's the cover of "Brain Damage" done by the Austin Lounge Lizards. It's not quite like any version of "Brain Damage" you've ever heard.....

(Also contains a quickie reference to George Jones, who died today. RIP....)
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    "Brain Damage" by the Austin Lounge Lizards
ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "Past Prologue"

Kira meets an old friend and gets put in a moral quandary. Bashir meets Garak and is totally freaked out. Odo meets Lursa and B'Etor and is less than impressed with their Klingon Kleavage or their insistence on carrying their weapons. The DS9 Rewatch does "Past Prologue."

An excerpt:
We get our first look at the mysterious tailor who will become such a major part of the show. He befriends Bashir for reasons that likely range from the entertainment value of watching him thumpher about nervously in response to Garak’s possible double meanings to genuine use for him as a method of communicating covertly with Sisko (something Sisko himself figures out in short order). At this stage, it’s unclear what Garak is doing on the station beyond selling clothing. He’s willing to let Lursa and B’Etor believe that he still has pull on Cardassia, though we never see him actually contact home. Indeed, the only person he seems to get in touch with is Bashir, leading one to think that he promised the Klingon women payment he couldn’t come through with. (Of course, the Cardassians never got Tahna, so the Klingons wouldn’t be entitled to payment, exactly...) Either way, right off the bat we get Garak’s trademark charm, layered conversation, euphemisms, and torturing of Bashir, all continued hallmarks of the character.
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