April 27th, 2013


here come the weekend....

Today Wrenn, Dale, and I are hosting a party which we're calling our Average Of 45th Birthday Party. Last week was my 44th birthday and this coming Thursday is Wrenn's 46th birthday, hence the name. The apartment's mostly ready to go, I just have the clean the bathroom, while Wrenn's off buying food and drink. Should be fun.

Then tomorrow I have to bust my ass to try to finish up The Project That Cannot Be Named (Yet). I know why this book is totally kicking my posterior all up and down creation, but I can't explain it without saying what the book is, which violates my NDA. So yeah.

When that's (finally!) done, I have an editorial project for a client who's been way more patient with me than I deserve, a Cassie Zukav short story I need to write, and I need to start on Gryphon Precinct. And there's a comics project that I feared was moribund that may now be back on track. We'll see.

What are y'all up to this weekend?
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apartment, pre-party

My mother is violently allergic to cats and dogs, which is a problem, as we have both. This means she can never come visit us, which makes us all sad, but the animals are kinda part of the package.

Since we gussied the place up for the party tonight, I wanted The Mom to see how nice the place looks, so I took me some pictures. Not pictured are the two bedrooms, as they will be closed off to the general public, ditto the small bathroom off the master bedroom. But here's everything else:

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