May 1st, 2013


irons in the fire update

Still slogging away at The Project That Cannot Be Named (Yet). Hoping to get it done this week.

Once that's finished, I have the following to do, not necessarily in this order:
---edit a novel by a client (who's been very patient)
---write Gryphon Precinct
---write two new Cassie Zukav stories, one for an anthology, one to submit to a short fiction market
---write the mystery novel
---write the remaining three issues of the five-issue comic book I have under contract
---work on some new comics proposals

That will likely carry me through to the end of the year (I plan to take my time with the mystery), along with other bits and pieces that may well show up. Also on the docket for the not-so-near future:
---Mermaid Precinct
---SCPD: Avenging Amethyst
---Innocence in Guilt
---the urban fantasy I started a thousand years ago
---a science fiction novel
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midweek music: music for 1 May

Two songs in honor of the day, Jonathan Coulton's "The First of May" and Jethro Tull's "Beltane." I'm off to talk about Iron Man and then have a romantic dinner with Wrenn in honor of it being the day before her birthday. Joyous Beltane to all y'all!

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    "The First of May" by Jonathan Coulton