May 15th, 2013

ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "Q-Less"

Sisko decks Q! And, yeah, okay, some other stuff with Vash and Quark and Bashir and stuff, but who cares? SISKO DECKS Q! The DS9 Rewatch gets "Q-Less."

An excerpt:
Bashir is hitting on a pretty Bajoran woman in the replimat. At the next table over O’Brien is rolling his eyes and snarfing on his coffee. To Bashir and the woman’s disappointment, and O’Brien’s great relief, they’re interrupted by a summons to a runabout landing pad. The Ganges spent too long out of coverage, and their battery is drained of power, and Dax forgot to pack the USB charger. They barely made it to the station. Dax and Ensign Pauley are trapped inside, and they can’t get the door open. Confusing the issue is that Bashir is reading three lifesigns. (Further confusing the issue is the fact that the station has transporter technology, and they could just beam the people off the runabout, but we’ll let that go.)
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Dragon*Con memories on the White Rocket Podcast

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dead kitchen radio

Dead Kitchen Radio episode 31: Tales from Dragon Precinct Part 4

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midweek music: "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

Having been on a Paul Simon kick, I thought I'd give his erstwhile partner a spotlight, as we have Art Garfunkel's amazing vocals on "Bridge Over Troubled Water." First we have a performance from a Simon &
Garfunkel concert in 1969, before the song's 1970 release as a single. Listen to the crowd's reaction at the end -- this was a hall full of people who'd never heard it before, and they were very obviously blown the fuck away by the song, as well they should've been.

Here's Garfunkel doing it at a 1988 Princes Trust concert for Prince Charles and Princess Diana:

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fo' shizzle, rifftrax

going Into Darkness

Wasn't a very productive day writing-wise, but I made a dandy chauffeur. Yesterday terri_osborne had neck surgery, and I picked her (and her mother) up today after she was discharged from the hospital. In order to have the car available, I needed to drive wrenn to the train station, and later pick her up.

Several people I mentioned this to were surprised that I was helping out my ex this way, and that boggles my mind. Terri and I didn't work out as a couple for a large number of reasons, but she's still my neighbor and someone I care about a great deal. I'm gonna help her if I can -- I did when Marcus died, I did when she went on vacation and needed someone to care for the cats, and I did today, and I will again if she needs help during her rehab.

I'm no kind of religious person, being rather firmly agnostic, but if I had to pick an "ist" to go with, I'd follow Jay Lake's lead and consider myself a Wheatonist. Wheatonism's sole tenet is Wil Wheaton's oft-stated dictum: "Don't be a dick." Terri needed help that we could easily provide. It wasn't even a question.

Anyhow, I'm now off to see Star Trek Into Darkness with firerosearien. Look for my thoughts on same in a spoiler-filled review that will appear on on Monday.
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