May 17th, 2013

NYY, melky

the Yankees at the 25% mark of the season on the Pinstriped Bible

The Yanks have played 40 games, which puts them at the one-quarter mark of the season. They're in first place -- but is that predictive of anything? On the Pinstriped Bible, I look back at where the Yanks were after 40 games going back to 2007 to try to find out.

An excerpt:
I was originally just gonna stick with the Joe Girardi era, but I just love the snapshot of the AL East on the 18th of May 2007. Technically, the Yankees were in third place, but really all four non-Boston teams were knotted. The O's were 19-23, the Yanks were 18-22, and the Rays and Jays were 18-23, all of them either 10 or 10.5 games behind the Red Sox, who were 28-12, a horse-choking .700 winning percentage at the 25% mark.

Obviously, that wasn't sustainable, but it's pretty cool to have four teams all that close to each other (I'm wondering if that might happen later this season in the AL East). Eventually, it settled into the usual 1998-2007 pattern: the Yanks and Sox on top, the Jays in the middle, the O's and Rays on the bottom.
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ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "Dax"

Curzon's past comes back to haunt Jadzia, as an indiscretion 30 years ago leads to an extradition hearing now. The DS9 Rewatch cross-examines "Dax."

An excerpt:
Bashir’s aggressive flirting with Dax is met with an obvious lack of interest on Dax’s part. Bashir’s inability to take disinterest for an answer allows him to get hit really hard by Spice Williams-Crosby, but also alert everyone to Dax’s kidnapping.
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