May 23rd, 2013

the wire

midweek music (a day late): "Sixteen Tons"

Continuing this week's theme of music from The Wire (explained here), here's the Jayhawks performing "Sixteen Tons" from the show's second season. In-show, they were performing it live at the bar where all the dockworkers hang out. The intro bit is Frank Sobotka, the head dockworker and a major character in the season, pretty much explaining the theme of the show's second season...

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NYY, melky

my first trip to Camden Yards on the Pinstriped Bible

An account of my first-ever trip to Camden Yards on Tuesday, which was wonderful despite the Yankees' tenth-inning walkoff loss.

An excerpt:
The O's have a pretty storied history since moving to Bawlmer from St. Louis. (Amusingly, there is no evidence that the O's were ever the St. Louis Browns on display in the Yards that I could find. Given the Brownies' history, including just the one pennant in 1944 when most of the good players were fighting in World War II, this isn't much of a surprise.)

A lot of that history can be found in front of Gate H, the gate closest to the light rail station and the convention center, and where they display all the O's retired numbers as standalone statues depicting the number in question, along with a plaque identifying the player and the year the number was retired. There's also a statue of Babe Ruth as a youth, identifying him as a "native Baltimorean." (At least they have a more legitimate claim to Ruth, who was born and raised in Charm City, as opposed to the tenuous claim they have on Edgar Allan Poe just 'cause he happened to die there. Poe was born in Boston, and spent as much time in Philadelphia and New York City as he did Baltimore. On the other hand, I love the notion of a football team named after a Poe poem. But I digress.)
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