May 28th, 2013

ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "The Nagus"

Wallace Shawn makes his inconceivable debut as Zek, Quark gets absolute power for a few days and almost gets killed for the privilege, Rom grows some lobes, Nog learns how to read, and we first hear about the Rules of Acquisition. The DS9 Rewatch meets "The Nagus."

An excerpt:
A delightful little episode that sets the tone for future Ferengi tales—for better or worse—aided by the letter-perfect casting of Wallace Shawn as the Ferengi leader and a superb performance by Armin Shimerman as a normal person being given absolute power and not having the first clue how to handle it. We also get our first look at Rom’s potential, as he shows a heretofore unknown capacity for treachery. There are no real surprises here—we know that Quark isn’t going to stay Grand Nagus, nor that he’s actually going to be thrown out an airlock—but it’s fun getting there, mostly due to Shawn and Shimerman (with some good supporting work by Max Grodenchik and Lou Wagner). Also the Godfather riff is hilarious.
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adventures in ceilings at the dojo

So I went to the dojo today to help with the kids classes and take the adult class. At one point I'm helping the white belts with front snap kicks, and I'm demonstrating them in front of the class, particularly for the two newer students.

At one point, I put my foot down and the floor's wet. I look up and see that the ceiling is dripping from a ceiling tile that's bulging.

I put a bucket under it, and Shihan takes the kids to the back end of the dojo after the tile half-collapses and a ton of greasy water comes pouring onto the floor. I clean it up while Shihan continues the class, then the desk clerk and I use a ladder and a dropcloth to basically take the tile apart.

Basically, the deli above the dojo has been dripping through their rotted-wood floor for ages now and it eventually weighed down the tile to the point of collapse. Michael and I disposed of the tile and left a large garbage pail under the new hole in the ceiling that was still dripping. Luckily, it's in a corner of the dojo that's easy enough to avoid.

Way more adventure than I was expecting tonight. *wry grin* That was followed by an excellent color-belt class, after which I went home to eat Chinese food and watch Longmire (I am so glad it's back...), then do an RPG pitch. Now I have to do some research for a short story for an anthology I'm going to be in that should be announced soon (PS, it'll be AWESOME!!!!!!! WITH LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!). Tomorrow I try to put an editorial project to bed (or at least put a big-ass dent in it) and figure out what I'm going to write for the Pinstriped Bible..............
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