May 29th, 2013


"The Saga of Bjorn"

At Balticon, wrenn got to see a delightful animated short, which she -- er, animatedly described to me and our passenger Meg on the ride home. It is, of course, on YouTube, and I now share it with you: "The Saga of Bjorn," a hilarious piece on the quest of an aged Viking to get into Valhalla and be spared a dull afterlife. It's a classic.....

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can't talk about it....

One of the joys of writing professionally is that projects sometimes aren't announced until long after the writer has done a great deal of work for them. Or sometimes they're just not announced to the public until after the writer knows that s/he is working on them. It's frustrating when people ask you what you're working on and you can't talk about it. Grumble.

Right now, I've got four projects like that. One is writing up an adventure for a role-playing game. I just today got the pitch approved, and the full thingie is due in August or September. And I was also told that I can't talk about it, as the marketing campaign is being very carefully managed. Which is fine. :)

Another is an anthology I was invited to. The publisher has green-lit it, the author list is set, and my basic pitch for the story I'm writing for it is approved. But the formal announcement hasn't been made yet.

Another is the easiest to deal with because it's the most preliminary -- the book's only just under contract, and my contribution to it is still nebulous and neither confirmed nor approved. So not talking about that one is just good sense.

And there's, of course, The Project That Cannot Be Named (Yet), which I'm in the midst of revisions of. That one has a twelve-page non-disclosure agreement attached to it, so I sure as shit ain't sayin' nothin' 'bout that one till they tell me to. *laughs*

Fun fun fun...
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