June 4th, 2013

NYY, melky

the view from Section 312 on the Pinstriped Bible

Andy Pettitte's first start off the disabled list, Nick Swisher's return to the Bronx, Lyle Overbay's baptism by fire in right field, the return of the Yankee offense for at least one night, Mo being Mo, and #buntfucking. I provide the view from Section 312 on the Pinstriped Bible.

An excerpt:
As if to prove the point, Joe Girardi and Brett Gardner tried to make the exact same mistake half an inning later, but Masterson was kind enough to lose the strike zone. After Reid Brignac and Austin Romine got back-to-back hits to open the bottom of the third (a phrase I suspect no one will ever type again), Gardner squared up to bunt.

Right, because your best on-base guy is just who you want to throw away an out. You've just been given a gift of two crap hitters getting on base, and that's the point where you step on the other team's neck, you don't give them a mulligan.
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