June 5th, 2013

ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "Battle Lines"

Kai Opaka is dead -- OR IS SHE????? Kira gets pissed off several times, Sisko tries to hold things together, O'Brien pulls technobabble out of his ass, and Jonathan Banks is his usual awesome self as the DS9 Rewatch draws some "Battle Lines."

An excerpt:
The one thing I intensely dislike about this episode are the scenes on the Rio Grande with O’Brien and Dax. Allegedly, Dax is the science officer, yet every scene on the runabout plays out like a Doctor Who episode with O’Brien as the brilliant, eccentric Time Lord with Dax reduced to the “what’s that, Doctor?” role of the companion. Dax does absolutely nothing useful in the episode, leaving all the heavy lifting to O’Brien. It’s an appalling use of the character who’s supposed to be the science officer.
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NYY, melky

my first game recap on the Pinstriped Bible

I provide the game recap of the Yankees' 6-4 victory this afternoon, completing a series sweep over the Cleveland Indians, as CC Sabathia gets a complete game in lieu of a perfect one.

An excerpt:
Vernon Wells continues his descent into, well, what we all expected to get out of Wells when the trade happened. More than once, including on Aviles's perfecto-breaker-upper, he seemed to have trouble judging the ball, and he just is looking helpless at the plate. It could be a slump, but it could also be his returning to form after a nice run. He has until Curtis Granderson comes back to let us know which it is.
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