June 7th, 2013


Friday fanfare: "Daddy's Gone to Knoxville"

A delightful little ditty from Mark Knopfler off The Ragpicker's Dream, arguably the best of his many excellent solo albums. (Well, except for Kill to Get Crimson, but we'll pretend that one didn't happen....)

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    "Daddy's Gone to Knoxville" by Mark Knopfler

Backyard Blockbusters preview -- first 12 minutes now online

Backyard Blockbusters is a documentary by the fine and noble John Hudgens on the subject of fan films. He interviewed a mess of cool people, including me (I mostly talked about the kerfluffle regarding "Worlds Enough and Time" getting on the Nebula ballot -- see this post and this post). The film premiered at Dragon*Con in 2012, where I was fortunate enough to be in the audience, and thought it was magnificent.

It's making the film festival circuit right now, and John has put the first twelve minutes of the film on the Tube of You:

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    "Fare Thee Well Northumberland" by Mark Knopfler

my work in audio form

For years, none of my work was enshrined in audio form. It used to be that many Star Trek novels were done as audios, but that tapered off over the years to the point where only select books got the treatment. So for a long time, the only one of my works that was in audio was "Horn and Ivory," the DS9 novella in Gateways: What Lay Beyond, which was expertly read by David Kaye. (Kaye was chosen because he was the voice of Professor X on the X-Men Evolution animated series at the time, and he did a superb Patrick Stewart impersonation for the role.)

Recently, though, the audio boom brought about by the MP3 revolution has served to get more works out there, and unabridged, too!

Here's a clearinghouse of all seven pieces of my work that are on Audible now.


So if you're an audio fan, you should check these out. *nodsnodsnodsnods*
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    "The Ragpicker's Dream" by Mark Knopfler