June 15th, 2013

singular destiny

a nice review of Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

Charles Phipps has just reviewed David Mack's Star Trek: Destiny trilogy, and for his next trick, he's reviewing my epilogue to same, A Singular Destiny, on his United Federation of Charles blog, giving it 9/10.

Money quote:
A Singular Destiny has a number of plots coming together but they appear to, initially, be separate. How they all connect turned out to be genuinely a surprise and I applaud Keith R.A. DeCandido for managing to come up with a way to reveal the big twist without telegraphing it. I won't spoil the twist but the changes it results in are ones I am eager to explore.
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Friday fanfare (a day late): "Aqualung"

Ian Anderson has done several tours where he does, in essence, the orchestral Jethro Tull, where he is backed by a classical orchestra for new versions of various Tull (and Anderson solo) songs. For the most part, these are versions that are enhanced by the orchestra (they're particularly keen on "Locomotive Breath" and "Bourée"), but this version of "Aqualung" is one where they really reimagined the song from the ground up to take advantage of the orchestra. Since it's the best-known Tull song, it's one that can use a rework anyhow, and I love it.

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