June 18th, 2013

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Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, but I've been awash in trying to get all the revisions done to The Project That Cannot Be Named (Yet). Basically, it needed a lot more words to add to it, so I went through it and added lots of stuff, and also wrote two pieces of back matter. The book is now at the length it's supposed to be, so everyone is happy.

Now I get to move on to other things. And maybe soon I can actually say what the fershlugginer project is........................
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me and several other black belts doing a couple of katas

At our dojo's spring camp in early May, Shihan filmed a bunch of us doing our katas.

First up, a second-degree black belt kata (which I'd only just learned about a month prior to this) called Koryugojushiho (which translates to "traditional 54 movements"). Sensei Clai is leading me and a bunch of other second-degree black belts in this really cool-looking kata.

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ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "The Forsaken"

Odo and Lwaxana are stuck in an elevator, Bashir is stuck with three diplomats whom he dubs "the ambassadors of unhappy," and O'Brien is stuck with a puppy in the computer (kind of). The DS9 Rewatch does "The Forsaken."

An excerpt:
When Sisko was Curzon Dax’s adjutant, he used to delight in giving Sisko crap assignments very much like the one Sisko gives Bashir. When Bashir exasperatedly asks how he “graduated” from this duty, Sisko replies that it was when he hauled off and belted a VIP who was trying to get an unwilling ensign to go back to his quarters. Bashir gets a faraway look in his eyes, no doubt imagining that circumstance transplanted to his own situation, but Sisko puts the kibosh on it, as he’s less understanding than Curzon. Bashir is very obviously disappointed at having the hauling-off-and-belting option being taken off the table.
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irons in the fire update

With The Project That Cannot Be Named (Yet) finally out the door, I can focus on the eighty gajillion other things on my plate….

Gryphon Precinct. This is due 15 August. I'll be starting it this week.

Cassie Zukav. Ragnarok and Roll is due out in August, and I'll be doing stuff to promote its release here in NYC, in Key West, and at Dragon*Con. In addition, I have two more stories to write, one I want to write on spec and submit to markets (called "Down to the Waterline"), one for an anthology that I hope to be able to announce that I'm part of soon. The latter story is due in November. I'm going to try to bang out "...Waterline" this month.

Essay. I'm writing an essay for a cool book on a particular long-running line of fictional stories. Is that vague enough? It's due 1 October.

Editing. I have a client manuscript that needs to get done. (Sorry, Chuck.) That should be out the door this week.

Role-playing game thingie. I'm writing up an adventure for a new RPG, which I hope to be able to announce soon. This is also due 15 August.

Novelization. I've just been made an offer to write a novelization, which is due 1 October, assuming my agent and the company that is making the thing I'm novelizing come to terms.

Mystery novel. Originally, I intended to write this mystery at the beginning of this year. Then TPTCBN(Y) jumped it in the queue, pushing it to after Gryphon Precinct. Now it's been jumped again by the novelization, but the current plan is to (finally) write this in the last quarter of the year so my agent can start shopping it around in 2014.

Kickstarter project. I'm gathering up information for this Kickstarter, which you'll all be hearing a lot about very soon, assuming I can get all the waterfowl in a straight line...

SCPD: Avenging Amethyst and Mermaid Precinct. These are both on the docket for 2014.
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