June 21st, 2013

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Kickstarter apologizes

Kickstarter has apologized for the fuckup with Above the Game in a blog post with the very apt headline "We Were Wrong."

I'm in the midst of conventionizing, so I don't have any cogent commentary on this just yet, but since I spent a lot of time yesterday kicking Kickstarter, as it were, the fact that they apologized (and also have donated $25,000 to RAINN) should also be publicized as much as the fact that they let that damn book get through.

I have no idea yet whether or not this is enough to get me back to using Kickstarter, but it's certainly a step in the right direction on their part, if a bit later than it should've been.
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ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "Dramatis Personae"

Kira gets flirty and mutinous, O'Brien gets snotty and paranoid, Bashir gets mature and devious, Dax gets nostalgic and absent-minded, and Sisko builds a clock for no compellingly good reason. The DS9 Rewatch introduces the "Dramatis Personae."

An excerpt:
It’s a very entertaining acting exercise for the cast. Avery Brooks and Nana Visitor in particular shine, the former as a slightly crazed despot leaving no piece of scenery unchewed, the latter perhaps warming up for her role as the Intendant in the Mirror Universe episodes as a slinky, plotting, scheming, flirtatious Kira. Siddig el Fadil instantly makes himself more mature and devious, and I was incredibly entertained by Terry Farrell’s senile-old-man act (I especially love the way she was never able to finish any of her stories about the past). The only weak link is Colm Meaney, oddly enough, who pretty much acts like O’Brien often does when he’s cranky (there’s not much difference between this O’Brien and the sleep-deprived one we saw in “Night Terrors” on TNG).
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