June 24th, 2013


down and safe

We are home from PortConMaine, which was awesome. My Sunday Q&A only had a handful of people, but it was Sunday at 3pm, right before closing ceremonies. I think I can forgive the crowds from staying away, especially since many of them were already gone by then. We headed out, stopped for a lovely Japanese dinner with two dear friends outside of Boston, then came home. Now we're pooped and, having been mauled by dog and cats, are going to bed....
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    "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band

Monday music: "Telegraph Road"

I was all set to do something else for Monday music -- was gonna do a DaVinci's Notebook theme this week -- but YouTube recommended a new-ish video that had been uploaded of Mark Knopfler doing one of my all-time favorite songs from his Dire Straits days, "Telegraph Road," on his 2013 tour for his new Privateering album. So I must share it with you all. It's a magnificent song about the evolution of civilization from a guy walking through empty wildnerness to settle down all the way to a post-industrial city. So many great lines in this one, including the classic, "I've run every red light on Memory Lane," and a killer guitar solo at the end.

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    "Budapest" by Ian Anderson w/orchestra