July 11th, 2013

chronic rift

The Chronic Rift Network update

Here's the latest from The Chronic Rift Network of pop-culture podcasts:

You can subscribe to the network, or to the individual podcasts, via iTunes, or get them on the Rift web site or (for now) Mevio's Rift page.

We're migrating from Mevio to Libsyn, which is a fee-based hosting site, so we're asking for our loyal listeners to help us out if they can by contributing to our IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for that fee.

Also: we're looking for contestants for this year's Match Game! Details can be found here.

To comment on the any of the network podcasts, you can e-mail john at chronicrift dot com, post on the Rift site or the Rift Facebook page, or leave a voicemail at 888-866-9010. Follow us on Twitter @chronic_rift.
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dragon precinct


After losing a couple of days to various and sundry, I've written a bunch the last two days, to the point where I'm now at 8100 words on Gryphon Precinct.

An excerpt:
"Rommett came in first thing and took the captain and the fish off to talk to Lord Blayk."

Torin frowned. "I can understand wanting to speak to Osric, but Grovis?"

"Who the hell knows?" Dru shrugged. "And honestly, who gives a shit? It's not gonna change anything."

"It might." Iaian had just swallowed a bite from one of the pastries that Jonas always brought from home. "I remember when I was just startin' out, Albin took over from his old man, he started makin' changes right and left, up and down. His kid may do the same thing."

"I don't recall ever meeting Lord Blayk," Torin said. "He wasn't much of a presence even before he moved away."

Danthres finally spoke. "I'm fairly certain I met him a few times, but I'm damned if I can recall anything about him."

"Good," Jonas said emphatically. "If we're lucky, he'll be some bland bureaucrat who will leave everything alone."

Now Danthres stared at the sergeant. "When have we ever been that lucky?"
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