July 13th, 2013

dragon precinct


Spent the morning and early afternoon at the dojo, helping Senpai Cliff teach the four kids' classes, then taking a color-belt class with Senpai Gustavo, which also included an excellent tutorial by Senpai Danni on how to roll properly.

Then came home, ate, napped, and wrote 1500 words of Gryphon Precinct. Here's some of what I wrote:
"I realize," Meerka went on, "that Albin's body has already been burned and that you therefore cannot examine his body to determine for sure that he was killed by the poison in his drink, but it seems to at least be probable that he was—or, at the very least, possible. That possibility is enough for the law to apply and an investigation to commence."

Blayk was shaking his head. "Mother, this is ridiculous. There's no one in Cliff's End who wanted Father dead. You saw the funeral yesterday. Everyone loved him here."

Meerka regarded her son witheringly. "I dare say we could find one person who did not love him, thus disproving your hypothesis, Blayk. And indeed it would only take one person to kill him, if they had access to poison." She turned her gaze back to Danthres and Torin. "My husband spoke very highly of the two of you, particularly after that incident with the Hamnau gem. I also recall being relieved that it was the two of you who were handling Gan Brightblade's murder. Therefore, I wish it to be the pair of you who investigate the death of my husband."

Tonight, wrenn and I get to see our friend Lilly in a shadow cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Afterward, we will go to a diner, because that is what you do....
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