July 14th, 2013

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my Sunday feeling

Last night, wrenn and I had a great time seeing a shadow cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with my dear friend Lilly playing Janet and an excellent bunch of folks performing the movie while it played on the screen. There were a large percentage of virgins in the audience (self included), and surprisingly little calling back from the audience, a good chunk of it provided by Wrenn, who spent most of the 1990s doing Rocky at a theatre every weekend. So I am a virgin no longer.....

Today's plan is to 1) make tomato sauce, 2) proofread The Project That Cannot Be Named (Yet), 3) be interviewed by The Holodeck podcast along with JK Woodward to talk about our Dragon Precinct graphic novel Kickstarter, and 4) get another thousand words of Gryphon Precinct written.

Meanwhile, I'm watching the Yankees lose to the Twins. They've already scored today's run....
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on Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

I am, as any rational person would be, disgusted at the fact that George Zimmerman murdered someone and got away with it, but my ire isn't directed at the jury that handed down the not-guilty verdict, but rather with the prosecution that so utterly failed to give the jury reason to hand down a guilty one.

Ultimately, though, the best commentary came from my good friend Geoffrey Thorne (Star Trek novelist and Leverage writer, among many other things), who said this on Facebook:

"well. thanks for that. i guess black kids really are worthless after all. good to know."

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