July 22nd, 2013


Monday music: "Because the Night"

In 1977, Bruce Springsteen wrote a song called "Because the Night," which was intended for his album Darkness on the Edge of Town. He wasn't satisfied with it, but Patti Smith was recording her Easter album in the same studio, and she added some of her own touches to it and recorded it, releasing it as a single. It was a big hit. Springsteen never put it on an album until a boxed set much later, but he did play it live a lot. Then in 1993, 10,000 Maniacs did it as part of their appearance on MTV Unplugged.

Here's three versions, first Smith's original single, then Springsteen doing it live in 2013, then the 10,000 Maniacs cover from '93:

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    "Because the Night" by Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
dragon precinct


Haven't kept up with word count, but I am not at a hair under 15,000 words and at the end of Chapter 4 of Gryphon Precinct. Yay me!

Also: please support the Kickstarter for the Dragon Precinct graphic novel!!!!!!!

An excerpt from today's word count:
"First of all, we can charge you with smuggling unlicensed magick in those crates you've labelled as fruit. That, by the way, will require you to be questioned, not by me, but by the Brotherhood of Wizards who, if they dislike your answer, are likely to transform you into one of the fruits your manifest claims is in those crates. Second of all, we can charge you with obstructing our investigation into the assassination attempt on the king and queen at Lord Albin's funeral. The magistrate will likely not be impressed by whatever feeble defense you muster up regarding loyalty to past shipmates."
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    "To Be Sad is a Mad Way to Be" by Jethro Tull