July 25th, 2013

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greetings from high in the sky!

I'm posting this while hurtling through the sky at great speeds toward Minneapolis, where I will meet up with zarhooie, and then we will fly to Omaha for OSFest VI, where I am one of the guests of honor.

I adore the fact that I can post from the plane. Living in the future is faboo!

Now to work on Gryphon Precinct some more.....................................
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down and safe

After a two-hour delay in Minneapolis, I am finally in Omaha for OSFest VI, accompanied by the magnificent zarhooie, whom I haven't actually seen in five years. The delay in my connecting flight meant Kat and I could spend a nice time having lunch and catching up on stuffs.

Also, according to Kat, my dwarf name is Thorbeard Knucklemountain. I can live with that....
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