August 3rd, 2013


an interview with me at OSFest

I was interviewed at OSFest 6 at the Authors Alley table, where I talked about myself a bit, and about being in Omaha. I'm frighteningly animated, but no more so than usual......

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ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "Rules of Acquisition"

Quark negotiates with aliens wearing funny makeup, Zek hits on Kira, Dax plays cards with Ferengi, and we're introduced to the Dominion in the most unexpected way. It's the Ferengi cross-dressing -- no, the other one -- as a Ferengi woman dares to cross dress and seek profit. The DS9 Rewatch reads the "Rules of Acquisition."

An excerpt:
There’s a lot to like about this episode: the triumphant return of Wallace Shawn as Zek, Brian Thompson playing Inglatu basically as Brian Thompson, the entertaining contrast of Kira’s and Dax’s responses to the Ferengi, Dax seeing that Pel loves Quark without realizing that Pel’s a woman (possibly the most gay-friendly moment in Star Trek screenhistory), and the sheer audacity of introducing so important a thing as the Dominion in a Ferengi comedy episode—but it doesn’t really cohere very well. The plot just sort of meanders from one point to the next.
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