August 6th, 2013


a brief trip report and some photos from Shore Leave 35

The trip report is pretty basic: I came, I signed books, I participated in an excellent concert, I hung out with a lot of amazing people, I taught a self-defense class, I did a bunch of great panels, I saw Mystery Trekkie Theatre 3000, I went home. Wrenn also had a wonderful time (except for the part where Allyn Gibson tried to kill her -- okay, not really, but it's a funnier story that way * ), and I got to see so many people.

A high point/low point was the memorial for Marty Gear, which was filled with people who loved him all to pieces. The common theme of the remembrances was people starting, "I can't remember when I first met Marty...." That includes mine, BTW, though I clearly remember the last time I saw him: in the bar at Farpoint, talking for ages about a wide variety of subject -- IOW, a typical Marty conversation.

It started with a great edition of "Sci-Fi Squares," which was hilarious, continued with Meet the Pros, which was fantastic, and then a great Boogie Knights concert (video to come), then four straight hours of panels, then my self-defense workshop.

I'm also pleased to say that I didn't come away from the weekend with a feeling of not having spent enough time with folks the way I usually do. I got to spend significant time with several friends (though not all of them). This made me happy.

Anyhow, peeeeektures!

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* See, Allyn made a loaf of Guinness bread and was sharing it with the folks at the convention. He gave a bite to Wrenn not knowing she's allergic to hops, and Wrenn took it not knowing there was beer in it. Wackiness ensued....
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ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "Necessary Evil"

Flashing back to when Odo did the Cardassian neck trick, Dukat was in charge of the station, Kira was a long-haired terrorist, and Quark ran a black market. (Ran?) In the present, Quark takes a job that reopens that old case. The DS9 Rewatch admits to a "Necessary Evil."

An excerpt:
This episode works beautifully on every level: as a procedural (Odo goes full-on investigator in both the present and the past, and even gets a cute Columbo moment where he just-one-more-things Vaatrik; writer Peter Allan Fields worked on Columbo), as a flashback story that fleshes out the characters (Kira as a terrorist, Odo when he was less sure of himself, Quark when he was—well, exactly the same, really), and as a DS9 episode.
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