August 8th, 2013

dragon precinct


Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have been working on Gryphon Precinct. Today alone I wrote more than 3000 words, and I'm not at the end of Chapter 8. The book itself is at 24,000 words.

Here's a bit from what I wrote today:
The elf went on: "You see, we don't actually need to speak to you anymore. We have you on attempting to murder the king and queen, as well as smuggling a weapon into a gathering hosted by the king and queen. The penalty for the first of those, by the way, is for the perpetrator and for any living member of the perpetrator's family to be boiled in oil. Which rather makes the penalty for the second redundant, but still."

Grabnik swallowed, but remained silent. They didn't know his name, so they didn't know his family. They said they'd take care of his family if he did the job, even if the job failed. They said that more than once. Grabnik did the job, and so Gora and the kids would be safe.

"So," the elf continued, "we'll be handing you over to the magistrate shortly."

The human finally spoke. "Plus, we gotta send messengers ahead to Zignat."

Turning to the human, the elf pointed at him. "Right! We need to issue warrants for the arrest of Gora, Fralak, Kimbrik, and Sanda."

All of a sudden the room got much hotter. Grabnik found it difficult to catch his breath.

Looking back at him, the elf asked, "Is something wrong, Grabnik?"

Oh, Xinf protect me, they know my name!

"You—you don't s-scare m-me." Grabnik tried to sound tough, but his voice came out weak and reedy to his own ears.

"He speaks!" The human grinned at the elf. "You owe me a copper, Aleta." The human then glanced at Grabnik. "I bet her a copper that you'd break right away."

Aleta, the elf, shook her head ruefully. "I thought for sure that you would hold out a little longer."

"Yeah, well, maybe he really does give two shits about his family," the human said with a sneer.

"My family will remain protected. I was promised." Grabnik was trying as hard to convince himself of this as he was the two Cloaks.

Walking toward the table Grabnik sat behind, the human shook his head. "You stupid shitbrain. The moment we found out your name, your family were dead."

"Well, not necessarily, Dru," Aleta said. "They could run."

"Yeah, sure, but to where?"

Aleta rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "Fair point. After all King Marcus and Queen Marta have a treaty with the Dwarven Curia. So anywhere they go in human or dwarven lands, they'd still be fugitives."

Dru, the human, pointed a finger upward. "Hey, they could go to elf country! It's a mess there, they'd probably be able t'lose themselves with no problem."

Now Aleta was staring at Grabnik. He looked away quickly. "I don't know, Dru, he is a dwarf. They've never been all that fond of my kind. I'm not sure that Gora and her children would be able to stand it."

"Well, I mean, it's gonna suck no matter what," Dru said. "They'll be on the run. They can't go near any'a their friends—that'll be the first place they'll look."

"True." Aleta nodded. "They'll be totally dependent on strangers. And whatever gold Grabnik here sent them. But I suspect they'll burn through that pretty quickly in order to stay one step ahead."

However, the longer this conversation went on, the more Grabnik realized that he was being played. "Enough, already."

"Excuse me?" The elven woman had a sweet smile on her face when he said that, which just made Grabnik hate her even more.

"Look, you wouldn't even bother telling me all of this if you didn't want something from me."

"You're smarter'n you look," Dru said. He sat down next to the elf. "It's simple. You're boilin' in oil. That ain't changin'. Nothin' we could do about it even if we wanted to. And I gotta tell you? We don't wanna. What's up for grabs, though, is your family."

Grabnik didn't like the sound of that at all. "What about my family?"
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