August 18th, 2013

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my Sunday feeling

Yesterday was a much-needed good day after a week of dying cats and other annoyances. I spent the morning at the dojo, helping Shihan with the four kids' classes, and then taking a color-belt class in which I and the other three black belts in attendance got to do stuff with staffs. Then, after lunch and a nap, I went to the monthly poker game, which I've missed the last several of, and I cleaned up! (Of course, "cleaning up" in this context doesn't mean that much -- $10 buy-in, and it was $8 each for pizza, so ending up with $31 in chips is really only $13 profit. Still cool, though.) Mostly I was just glad to see my friends, many of whom I haven't seen in a while. (Damn stupid busy life....)

Today, unfortunately, is the memorial service for Marty Gear. *sadface* It's down in Laurel, Maryland, so we're driving on down this morning and coming back very late tonight. But it's worth it for Marty.

This week is going to be a bit crazy. We have to move our car to New York (it's currently registered in Pennsylvania because the car used to be co-owned by Wrenn's father, who lives there, but it's all ours now), which involves new insurance, new registration, and an inspection; I've got two launch parties for Ragnarok and Roll to prepare for; and we've got to get ready for our trip!

Yes, Wrenn and I are taking our first-ever vacation together (and my first vacation since the Vegas trip in June 2007 for The Mom's 60th birthday), as we're off to Key West, Florida! It's my first time there this millennium -- last went in 1999 -- and Wrenn's first time, period. I'm really looking forward to returning to my favorite vacation spot, and hoping that going back will prompt some new Cassie stories. *big grin*

From Key West, we'll go straight to Dragon Con 2013, which we'll be nice and rested up for after a week in the Keys. Then home on Labor Day evening. Dale will be able to handle Scooter and the two cats. (Which should totally be a band name....)
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