August 24th, 2013

ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "Armageddon Game"

O'Brien and Bashir are stuck on a planet, and they start to bond. Keiko thinks she knows her husband better than she actually does. Quark is almost sentimental. And holy crap, do the aliens of the week have the most absurd damn hairdos. The DS9 Rewatch plays an "Armageddon Game."

An excerpt:
Until the climax, this is actually rather a good episode (absurd hairdos notwithstanding), the biggest step forward in the ongoing Bashir-O’Brien bromance as they bond over past and present relationships and the differences between career officers and enlisted personnel, and so on. Colm Meaney and Siddig el-Fadil are at their best here, playing magnificently off each other and revealing a great deal about each of their characters. So many great bits, from O’Brien’s impersonation of Bashir when prompting him to talk about Palis to Bashir putting his foot in his mouth regarding the O’Brien marital strife to “I wanna die on m’feet!” And the very ending is brilliantly hilarious.
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end of the week, start of the vacation

So tomorrow morning, Wrenn and I head to the airport to take our first vacation together -- and my first vacation since 2007 -- to Key West, Florida. From there, we'll go to Dragon Con, and will be back in Enn Why See on the night of Labor Day.

Today was spent running in circles and screaming and shouting to pack stuff, and also ship books to Atlanta for the con. Then tonight, we hied to Singularity & Co. to do a reading/signing for Ragnarok and Roll, which went quite well. It was especially fun to introduce friends to other friends and see them hit it off. :)

Tomorrow, WE'RE GOIN' TO KEY WEST! I still have to finish Gryphon Precinct and write the "Merciless" adventure for the Firefly RPG, because deadlines don't care about vacation, but WE'RE GOIN' TO KEY WEST! I expect to come home with lots of nifty ideas for more Cassie Zukav stories.............
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NYY, melky

baseball quote of the day

From the You Can't Predict Baseball blog (co-written by my good buddy Rebecca Glass):
You may have heard that Vin Scully is going to return next year to call Dodgers games. Via @sammillerbp, to get a grip on how long Scully has been in the broadcast booth consider this: Scully called games the same year that Connie Mack managed MLB games; Mack was born 10 weeks after the Emancipation Proclamation.
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