August 25th, 2013


Wrenn and I are engaged

Subject line says it all: I got down on one knee, gave her a choice of two family-heirloom rings, which will have to be resized (we'll take care of that when we're back from the Key West/Dragon Con trip). We haven't set a date yet, but as of now, Wrenn and I are officially engaged to be married.

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bone key

my Sunday feeling

It is SO WONDERFUL to be back in Key West......

Last night, Wrenn and I got in around 10pm or so. Our flight landed on time, but we had to travel across half of Miami International Airport to get to our luggage, and then across the other half to get to the rental car pavilion (I've missed being in Key West; I do not miss going to the aptly initialed MIA), and then we stopped at the Fish House in Key Largo for a fantastic dinner.

As always, the seafood in south Florida is to die for. Wrenn has twice had mahi mahi here, something she's never been able to tolerate outside of Hawai'i because it's no good unless it's fresh. She tasted some of the mahi I had at the Fish House last night, and then had a mahi mahi sandwich today at the Schooner Wharf, and she was very happy.....

Anyhow, we checked into the Old Town Manor -- the basis for the Bottroff House in the Cassie Zukav stories, seen in Ragnarok and Roll -- and then hit Duval Street for some live music and alcohol. We saw two solo acts at Irish Kevin's, one good (fun, enjoyable, good singer), one mediocre (an excellent guitarist, but a mediocre singer and with meh stage presence -- he'd be a great guitarist in somebody else's band), then saw a good-but-not-great band in Captain Tony's Saloon -- the basis for Mayor Fred's Saloon in the Cassie stories -- before finally crashing.

Today, we did some touristy stuff after a lovely breakfast in the garden of the Old Town, going to the Hemingway Home and Museum and Lighthouse and Keeper's Quarters, followed by lunch and live music at the Schooner Wharf Bar, where we saw Michael McCloud.

I first saw McCloud in the Bull twenty years ago when my ex-wife Marina and I first came to Key West. I've never missed him when visiting here, and I've also twice (with permission) used his lyrics as an epigraph for a work of fiction, once for Supernatural: Bone Key, and again for Ragnarok and Roll. I was able to present him with an autographed copy of the latter between sets. We had booze and seafood while watching him play, accompanied by the Captain on guitar and the Professor on piano, with the antepenultimate song being my request of "Aunt Margaret's Hat."

After his set concluded, we came back to the room for some desperately needed air conditioning and rinsing off in the shower (it's REALLY REALLY REALLY humid here, and the Schooner Wharf is an outdoor bar) before heading to the pier for sunset and then dinner (possibly at Bagatelle) and then more live music and alcohol on or near Duval Street.

If you want to see pictures of our perambulations, I've posted a ton to Facebook, with more to come.

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