August 29th, 2013

dragon precinct


I wrote a bunch of words while sitting in an Eaton Street laundromat in Key West, with Wrenn and I doing laundry. I wrote a bunch of words while sitting here at the desk of our hotel room near the Miami airport. In total, I wrote 2400 words today, bringing me to the end of Chapter 17 and to 46,698 words altogether on Gryphon Precinct. Just Chapter 18 and the epilogue to go, which I figure will bring me to at least 50K, which is more than satisfactory, word-count-wise, for a "Precinct" novel. Yay me!

Bed now.......................................
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down and safe

We're at Dragon Con. Our roommates are almost here, and our friend who's crashing for the night is here. Some friends are coming over to hang out. Life is good.

Tomorrow, the con starts for realsies.....
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