September 3rd, 2013


Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport -- DOES THE FUN EVER START?

So we got up at 5.15am (yes, we're a Who song -- or a Mark Knopfler song, take your pick) and went down for breakfast. While there, the news informs us that there was a fire in the T terminal of the airport. The T terminal is where American flies out of, so we were a skosh concerned, basically bullying our way onto the full 6am shuttle because we didn't want to wait until 6.30 only to find out something else had fucked with our flight.

But no, the fire did nothing to mess us up. The rescheduled flight was still set to take off at 8am, and they checked our luggage without charging like they said they would, and we flew through security (because of the fire, they were only allowing people in a particular set of gates to use that security station, but we were in that group, probably the only thing to go right in this misbegotten place the last 15 hours).

Then we arrive at the gate at 6.40am to find that the 6.55am flight to Miami hasn't left yet. Why? Because one of the flight attendants lost his wallet. You really can't make this shit up. Apparently, he found his wallet, as the flight is boarding as I type this at 7.05, and we were promised that the LaGuardia flight (which isn't on the status board or the web site, which doesn't exactly fill any of us with warm fuzzies) would be boarding right after.

Never a dull moment in this fucking place.....
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dragon precinct


The one good thing about all the air travel foolishness we have endured the past 15 hours is that I've gotten some writing done. I got another 1100 words done on Gryphon Precinct, bringing the novel to 47,800 words. Depending on how well I can brain this morning, I might get some more done. We shall see....
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Simpsons KRAD

down and safe FINALLY!

So the airline gods took a few more opportunities to defecate on us before we got home. Our flight was delayed because the passengers on the plane didn't match the passengers who were listed in the computer as being checked in. I suspect it was a glitch relating to the fact that everyone checked in twice and that there was someone who took an alternate way out last night was still listed as being checked in, but whatever it was, it took a while to resolve it.

Adding some entertainment value was Crazy Lady. Crazy Lady earned that nickname last night when she exploded at the gate agent who was trying to explain our situation last night after they kicked us off the plane. While we were going off to get our luggage and go to a hotel, she was yelling and screaming and pissing and moaning at people whose fault this totally wasn't and screaming about lawsuits.

When we were told that they couldn't close the doors because of the passenger list discrepancy, she again exploded, but this time while in her seat. It got to the point where she drove a flight attendant to tears and caused the pilot to come out and threaten to have her escorted off the plane -- a threat he then was forced to follow through on when she wouldn't shut the fuck up.

As she was escorted off the plane, she kept saying, "I'll be put on another flight, right?" Yeah, probably eventually, but as she was being brought into TSA's loving arms, I was thinking that she was the one person there who was going to have a worse day than the rest of us.

Anyhow, we finally took off (to raucous applause), got to LaGuardia on time, pulled into the gate -- and then no one had any idea which baggage claim we were going to because our flight wasn't actually listed anywhere, as the flight's official date was yesterday, so it wasn't on the board or on the web site or anywhere. It was THE PHANTOM FLIGHT!!!! Turns out, though, that American Eagle only had the two baggage claim carousels, and our stuff eventually showed up on one of them. helgabee picked us up and brought us to the Yellow Submarine (where our car was -- no alternate side in my parents' neighborhood, so we left it there while we were one), and then we came home to a very happy dog, a very frisky (and noticeably bigger) kitten, and a mostly indifferent pair of cats.

We slept, y'know, a lot, though I didn't sleep as much as I'd like. I'm in that kind of too-awake-to-sleep-but-too-tired-to-do-anything fugue states, which kinda sucks.

But we're home. And that's all that matters. Whew.

It was a great vacation, but man did the ending suck....
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