September 5th, 2013

ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "Shadowplay"

Odo bonds with an adorable little girl, Kira and Bareil suck face, Quark tries and fails to do a deal, and Jake reveals that he doesn't want to go to Starfleet, thus distancing himself even more from being Wesley Crusher, which is all to the good. The DS9 Rewatch does a "Shadowplay."

An excerpt:
Kira totally kicks Bareil’s ass at springball. She reveals that she and her brothers played at the Singha Refugee Camp. They had nothing better to do. After a post-game meal, they smooch. Between liplocks, Kira jokes that she has to thank Rhit for inviting him, and Bareil reveals that it’s probably his last act as a prylar, as the vedek assembly is not happy about the debts he’s accrued playing dabo. Kira cuts off the smoochery when she realizes that the person who invited Bareil to the station owes a big gambling debt to Quark, and runs off. She catches Kono trying to return to the station, and they find him holding bones from the Cardassia V museum. Kira also thanks Quark for getting Rhit to invite Bareil to the station—she’s found his presence diverting. After she goes off with him, Quark mutters that it wasn’t diverting enough.
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