September 8th, 2013

fo' shizzle, rifftrax

happy 40th birthday to Star Trek!

For those of you who think I can't count, I'm referring, of course, to the 40th anniversary of the animated series, Star Trek, which debuted on 8 September 1973 from the fine folks at Filmation.

And yeah, it's also the 47th anniversary of the live-action version of Star Trek, which is amusing in its own right, given the prevalence of that number in many of the Trek spinoffs.

Anyhow, Trek has been an important part of my life for my entire life. I grew up watching it, some of my fondest memories of not only childhood, but adolescence and young adulthood were of experiencing Trek with my friends, whether it was reading the novels and comics, playing the FASA role-playing game, seeing the movies as they came out, or watching The Next Generation after it debuted. And since 1999, it's also become an important part of my professional life, starting with the comic book Perchance to Dream at the end of that year and continuing through to The Klingon Art of War next year.

So everyone: keep on Trekkin'!
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dragon precinct


I have reached 53,317 words on Gryphon Precinct. The 53,316th word was "THE" and the 53,317th word was "END." Boo. Yeah.

Tomorrow, I'll read it over and make sure it doesn't suck, then give it off to The Mom for her editorial meat axe. Today, I've got a couple shindigs to go to, a photography opening for a friend and a party with some fellow karate people.
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prague, tainted love

my Sunday feeling

Good day all around. I finished Gryphon Precinct, I went to my friend Carolyn Polchinski's opening for her photography exhibit, and then I went to a party held by two fellow black belts.

All of those things were wonderful, and I must confess to being a bit tipsy after having consumed quite a bit of red wine and Senpai Liza & Stephen's place. But it was a great deal of fun, and good to see people. And Carolyn's nature photography is fantastic (it's on exhibit right now at the Bronxville Women's Club).

Tonight is a quiet night at home. We're going to watch a movie, eat dinner, and relax. Tomorrow, I'll read over Gryphon Precinct.

So how was your weekend?
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