September 30th, 2013


my Sunday feeling

Had an excellent weekend. Friday was a big-ass dojo workout that included our Westchester and South Africa branches, bringing all of our directly affiliated dojos together. We had 63 students in all, from white belts all the way to black, and it was a stellar workout. It was also great to see the folks from S.A., who we don't get to see nearly often enough.

Saturday was a party with friends (mostly Firefly fans) up in New Hampshire, then down to Somervile, Massachusetts to see a production of Twelfth Night that our friend Jack was in. It was a most excellent production, with particular kudos to Damon Singletary, who played Sir Toby Belch, who was fabulous -- and both he and Angela Bilkic, who played Viola, did amazing work with facial expressions. Also Zach McQueary did some superb physical comedy, and Brad Smith made Malvolio at once sufficiently dickish that you totally got why someone would play a nasty practical joke on him, yet also sympathetic enough that you felt sorry for him when it got all horribly out of hand. And Michael Glicksman made a dandy fool, plus he played an excellent accordion.

Afterward, Wrenn and I pitched in to help with striking the set, then hied ourselves to the cast party, which was tremendous fun. This was a good bunch of people, and I was grateful to have met them.

We crashed with Jack and his magnificent girlfriend Cat, who are both dear friends of both of ours, and we spent the day (once we finally got up, as we didn't even go to bed until almost 4) hanging out, eating at Friendly Toast, helping them with shopping, and generally having a wonderful time.

This week, I've got to finish the Firefly RPG adventure I'm doing, record an episode of The Batcave Podcast, record an episode of Dead Kitchen Radio, start "Fish Out of Water," my Cassie Zukav short story for Out of Tune, move things around in my parents' house (they just had windows put in), help both my aunt and my ex-fiancee with moving stuff (the former bought a new condo, the latter is moving to a new apartment), and a bunch of dojo stuff ranging from teaching a private lesson on Wednesday to teaching Friday's kids' sparring class (I'm going to be taking that over for a while, since the black belt who usually teaches it is having knee replacement surgery this week) to training. Probably some other stuff, too................
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