October 3rd, 2013

ds9 rewatch

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "The Collaborator"

Who will be the new kai? Who helped the Cardassians kill 40 freedom fighters in the Kendra Valley years ago? Why is Bareil having funky-ass orb experiences? And is Winn the most evil person ever or what? A couple days late (sorry, deadlines...) the DS9 Rewatch searches for "The Collaborator."

An excerpt:
This is one of those episodes that’s more interesting for what it establishes in the mythos than what it actually accomplishes as an episode. We find out that Opaka condemned her own son to death, the enormity of which was sufficiently great that both Bek and Bareil moved heaven and earth and sacrificed a great deal (Bek more than Bareil, but still) to keep it quiet and preserve Opaka’s position. As has been stated often, Opaka’s helped hold Bajor together during the occupation, and even the whiff of collaboration would tarnish her forever (as witnessed by the opprobrium leveled at Kubus in the episode). We also get a new kai, and it’s the worst possible choice.
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I never could get the hang of Thursdays

So last Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday (twice), and today have all involved significant physical activity -- either moving heavy things or karate.

On Wednesday and Monday, I helped my parents move furniture around before and after they had their windows (all 32 of them in the house) replaced. The new windows, by the by, are fabulous, and this was a greatly overdue move on my parents' century-old house.

Friday was a particularly intense workout at the dojo, as we brought together all three of our discipline's dojos -- a newly opened one and our South African counterparts -- for a big-ass workout with 63 people of all ranks. It was tremendous, but wonderful. Around that, I was one of two black belts assigned to drive a big-ass 15-passenger van to and from a YMCA in midtown twice (that's where the SA group were staying). My father once said that you know you're a good driver when you can go on the FDR Drive without shitting in your socks, and that's doubled (or more) when you're operating a big van. Yowza.

Saturday, after we saw Twelfth Night at Theatre @ First in Somerville, Massachusetts (just outside Boston), we helped strike the set, which involved a lot of fetching and carrying. There was also the driving up to New Hampshire that morning and the driving home from Boston Sunday evening.

Tuesday I helped terri_osborne, who is moving to a newer, bigger place, and she put some of her stuff in our car (including all three of her cats), then that night was a big and excellent fighting class at the dojo (which was preceded by a strong kata class that had a buttload of pushups).

And today I helped my aunt, who's moving to a new place down the street, move some stuff out of her storage unit. Her current apartment (which she's had forever) is a second-floor walkup that requires her to go outside and behind the building to do her laundry or get her car out of the garage and go half a block away to get her mail. Her new place is bigger, has an elevator and a patio, a parking space that's outside, yes, but a shorter walk to the car, and the laundry facility's in the building with her. It's better in pretty much every way, and still in the same neighborhood she's lived in all her life.

But after all that, plus writing and stuff, I'm pretty much done. I'm just totally exhausted........
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